R Titus Designs is a residential interior design firm based in Chicago. With a unique mix of old and new, and high and low, specializing in creating each space to highlight the client’s taste and lifestyle.

Robin Schwadron is Lead Designer and CFO of R Titus Designs. As a young teen, she found an appreciation for interiors while decorating her bedroom and constantly re-arranging the furniture to fit her mood. She attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to turn her passion into a career. After years of growth and experience in the industry, she opened R Titus Designs in 2009. She moved the firm to the Chicagoland area in 2015, and continues to do projects in South Florida and other areas of the East Coast.

“Design invokes passion and creative energy to inspire her clients to surround themselves with beauty.”

Random fun facts about Robin

  • Sewed my first pair of curtains when I was 16. (fortunately there are no photos of these)

  • Tried guitar lessons when I was 8 and 30. Neither caught on.

  • Find an unhealthy joy in cleaning.

  • Favorite outdoor activity is kayaking.

  • Is currently exploring an Ice Cream Parlor list created by USA Today with her husband.see here

  • Worked in Art and Framing for over ten years.

  • Works out regularly soley to void the amount of M&Ms I eat.

  • First concert I can remember is Kid-n-Play. First concert my parents took me to was The Tokens.

  • Cannot roll my R’s to save my life!

  • Some would say obsessed with keeping a healthy green lawn.

  • I love a good bourbon.

  • Once worked in an automobile oil factory on the assembly line.(it was not like I Love Lucy)



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